In the modern world, young adults prefer to raise children late in their life. This essay will mainly analyze the potential reasons and how it will affect society and family life as well.


There are three main factors contributing to the postponed parenthood.


In general, people who bear great pressure from their work are less likely to prepare childbirth early, considering that they may have little time to attend their children. This problem can also be attributed to the high cost of modern life. The young people without adequate savings will probably be afraid of high living cost and expensive tuition. Another


洛阳大华雅思提醒您,希望可以帮到您!题目In many countries women are allowed to take maternity leave from their jobs during the first months after the birth of their baby. Does advantages outweigh disadvantages? (2016/02/27)解析本题是近年来雅思写作考试中少有的新题,问题的核心是:女性生完小孩后是否该休产假?可能有些同学看到maternity就晕了,其实,如果联系到take。

leave(请假)和后面的“during the first months after the birth of their baby"(生完小孩后的头几个月),我们就不难想到,这里的take maternity leave就是 “休产假”。 那么,休产假和不休产假各有什么利弊呢?休产假的好处容易想到,包括有时间陪孩子,有时间缓解一下怀孕和生育期间的紧张和不安,另外,就是恢复一下身体。


唐老雅7分范文及讲解It is a customary practice for most countries in the world to give women a few months of maternity leave after they give birth to the baby. To spend a few months away from work after giving birth, however, has disadvantages as well as advantages.老雅笔记:(1) 文章第一段提出产假有利有弊。(2) customary practice 常规做法To be sure, the newly-born baby is the one who benefits the most from the maternity leave. As we know, the first few months of the new life are always the most dangerous time, during which the baby faces many dangers, some quite unexpected, that may be deadly. Therefore, the concentrated and intensive care from the mother is critical for the survival of the baby. I have just read a newspaper report which compares the infant mortality rate between the countries which practice maternity leave and those which do not and concludes that infant death rate in the former is 25% lower than that in the latter. Besides, taking a few months off her work after the baby is born is also a good way to release the anxiety and stress the mother must have experienced during her pregnancy, so she will more likely behave normal after going back to work.老雅笔记:(1) 本段主要论述产假的好处,分成以下两个方面:其一是新生儿面临危险,母亲的照顾保证新生儿的存活。


(2) To be sure=it is sure that=certainly(3) release the anxiety and stress 释放焦虑和压力Like anything else, maternity leave may also bring about some negative effects. In some female-dominated professions like nursing, the few months leave may cause a serious shortage of labor. And we have seen many women who simply cannot perform their job after the leave because they have totally forgotten how to do their job properly. Meanwhile, many women who used to be slender and beautiful have become fat and ugly after the few months of no work and over eating.老雅笔记:(1) 本段主要论述产假的三方面的坏处:以女性为主工作有时会有严重的劳动力短缺;女性假后无法胜任工作;女性产假期间变得肥胖而丑陋。用meanwhile来衔接(2) female-dominated女性为主的Taking into account both the advantages and disadvantages, I believe maternity leave is a good thing. After all, the baby's survival and the mother's health are much more important than the possible side-effects of labor shortage, temporary forgetfulness of the work and physical ugliness. If the maternity leave time is wisely used, the new mothers may just as well return to their work as energetic and beautiful as before. 老雅笔记:(1) 结合前面的分析得出结论,自己的观点:产假是好事,有利于婴儿的存活和母亲的健康,其不利影响比起这两点就不足道了。

(2) Take into account 考虑在内(3) After all 毕竟(4) Be wisely used=be reasonably used 合理利用参考译文世界上大多数国家的习惯做法是在女性生完孩子之后给他们放几个月的产假。然而生完孩子之后远离工作几个月既有好处又有坏处。








我曾经问过我们世纪雅思的外教老师, 外国人看文章最注重的是什么, 他告诉我说是文章的framework. 即一篇文章好不好, 首先看的不是他的句型, 词汇, 或是论点等。 而是段落之间的衔接一定要十分清楚,我们不能老是采用大三段的形式-开头,经过, 结尾。我们可以多用用连接词, 例如:first of all, morever, secondly, lastly等,另外可以多分自然段, 给考官一目了然的感觉。还有我们可以多看看国外的文章, 看看他们的写作模式, 我当初写文章的时候, 用的就是我看到一篇国外文章的模式,我觉得可以套用, 我最后介绍给大家。


如果一篇文章, 从头到尾, 永远用的只有一种句型, 那么这篇文章一定拿不到高分,我们可以适当的改换一下句型, 我给大家一定建议,希望给大家有点帮助。

3、基本句型包括 Ⅰ.主谓句;Ⅱ. There be;Ⅲ. 主系表结构的句子;Ⅳ. 被动语态(我看到一张帖字说, 不要用被动, 我不这样认为, 国外的文章, 用被动的也比比皆是。)

4、复杂句型 包括 Ⅰ. 并列句;Ⅱ. 从句(定语,状语,名词性,非谓语)


说实话做到这点真的很难, 首先你要有庞大的词汇量,第二你要用的恰当,不出错误。我自认做不到这点,所以我用的词汇有时候会重复。当然大家可以累计一些固定搭配的词汇,例如:激烈的竞争 fierce competition等


大家不要小看这点, 我认为对于写作基础不是很好的考生来说, 这点是最重要的。一篇文章如果让你从头到尾都在讲道理, 你有这么多话要说吗?而且有时候还不一定说的清楚。那么这时候你就用例子来表明你的观点。我认识一个朋友, 可以说她的英语基础很差, 但她的文章也拿了6分, 我问她怎么写的, 她告诉我说就是拼命的举例子。就这点我也曾问过外教老师, 他曾是IELTS的考官, 他说考官欢迎考生多举例子。


1)、写文章最关键的就是审题千万不要出错误, 不然就前功尽弃了。


Cultivate independence

Develop a strong sense of responsibility

Enhance social awareness

Build up one's confidence and offer one's a sense of achievement—realize ones value and capacity

Widen one's horizon and sharp one's character

这些句子比较常用, 而且在口语考试中也可以派上用处。最后给大家介绍一种写作模式,我觉得很不错:

With unprecedented advances in medical technology, a debate has developed over whether or not a person on life support has the right to die. On one side of the debate are those who say that。。 On the other side is the view that。。 In my mind, I completely agree/disagree the later .

There is no denying that 。。has many positive effects. To begin with,。。Secondly, 。。 Finally, 。

However, every coin has its two sides. 。。is no exception. Many opponents say that 。

To conclude, 。..





雅思作文高分范文:职业专家比明星对社会的贡献大,因此要多收入,同意吗? 本文是一篇8分的雅思作文高分范文,文章中有许多的高分句型以及运用的恰到好处的高分词组、词汇,文章的题目是:职业专家比明星对社会的贡献大,因此要多收入,同意吗?现将译文及范文分享给大家,希望对备考雅思的朋友能够有所帮助。 中文标题:职业专家比明星对社会的贡献大,因此要多收入,同意吗? 译文如下: 在当代社会,似乎职业工作这在提高生产力,并给其他人提供直接的服务,而在体育和娱乐方面的名人没有做出此等贡献。





此外,缺少的一个职业专家能被另一人所代替,而缺少一位名人可能会导致某一领域发展的限制。 不可否认,由于大量的人们在专业领域工作并且直接服务于大众,他们看起来,至少表面上是与公众的生活水平的提升有着更加亲密的联系。

然而,在这个信息时代,当人们更多地关注与精神生活并且能比较单间的获取必要信息时,职业工作者所创造的价值就没有名人所创造的价值高。 总之,我不同意职业工作者应该比体育和娱乐名人的工资高的观点。


英文标题:Professional workers like doctors, nurses and teachers make a greater contribution to society and so should be paid more than sports and entertainment personalities. To what extent do you agree or disagree? 范文如下: It seems that, in this society, professional workers are improving the productivity and providing direct service to others, while celebrities in sports and entertainment are not making such contributions. Therefore, some people claim a higher pay for the former over the latter. However, I would show my disagreement to their statement for the following reasons. Professional workers do not contribute so much to society as celebrities in person. Any single worker in the professional field is not able to bring the happiness to such a large population as a famous person in sports or entertainment does. Also, an individual professional employee cannot similarly bring glories to the country and enhance people's sense of belongings to the nation. Otherwise, if they can, their payment will not be less. Unlike the talents in celebrities that are invaluable, the abilities of professional workers, such as doctors, nurses and teachers can be trained and copied. An ordinary person can be educated or trained to be engaged in those professional jobs, but not so many can be taught to play basketball so well as Yaomin and dance so gracefully as Jackson. Besides, the lack of a professional worker can be soon replaced by another one, while the loss of a celebrity may result in the limit of development in a certain field. Admittedly, due to the large population of people working in professional fields and the direct service people receive from them, they may seem, at least superficially, be more closely related to the improvement of the life level of the public. However, in this information age when people are attaching more importance to their spiritual life and easier in obtaining information needed, the value produced by professional workers is not so high as that brought by the celebrities. To sum up, I do not agree with the idea for professional workers to earn a higher salary than the sports and entertainment personalities. Only when a man's value is measured by his overall contribution to society, can every field in the world be developed to its full.。


雅思小作文写作万能模板 1、通过第一个曲线图,我们可以知道____,也说明了结果是___ According to the first graph, it can be seen that ______________, it can also be concluded from it that ______________. 2、一张有趣、有教育意义的、(内容)的图片(这句模板在雅思小作文中的应用非常的广泛。)

There is an interesting and instructive picture which goes like this: __________. 3、当前有一张涉及______的增长曲线图,许多人______,然而其他人倾向于___ Nowadays there is a growing concern over ______________. Many people like ______________, while others are inclined to ______________. 4、目前,共同之处是_________,许多人喜欢______因为_______除此之外还由于_____ Nowadays, it is common to ______________. Many people like______________ because ______________. Besides, ______________. 5、(图表所示)_____,就像许多其他事物,被____更加喜爱,然而这一观点正被________所抨击,一些人认为_________,他们指出___________ ______________, just like many other things, are preferred by ____________. While being attacked by the idea that ______________, some people consider ______________. They point that ______________. 1 according to the chart``` 2 the date lead us to the conclusion that``` 3 the date show``` 4 the tree diagram reveals how``` 5 the figures show``` 6 this is a cure graph which describes the trend of``` 7 the pie graph depicts``` 8 the graph provides some interesting date regrarding``` 9 the table shows the changes in the number of ``` over the period from ```to ``` 10 as is shown in the table ``` 11 from the table ,we can clearly see that ``` 12 this table shows the changing proportion of X and Y from ``` to ```` 13 the graph,presented in a pie chart, shows the general trend in``` 14 as can be seen from the grape ,the two curves show the flutuation of ``` 15 over the period from ```to ```the```remained level. 16 in the year between ```and ```. 17 in the 3 years spanning from 2005 through 2008. 18 the number of ``` remained steady from ```to ````. 19 the number sharply went up to ``` 20 the percentage of ``` stayed the same between ``` and ``` 21 the percentage remainede steady at``` 22 the percentage of ```is sightly large than that of. 23 there is not a great deal of differece between ```and ``` 24 the graphs show a three fold increase in the number of ``` 25 ```decreased year by year while ```increased steadily. 26 there is an upward trend in the number of ``` 27 a considerable increase occurred from ```to ``` 28 from ```to ```the rate of decrease slow down. 29 from this year on,there was a gradual declinel reduction in the ```reaching a figure of. 30 be similar to ```be the same as 31 there are a lot similarities between ```and ``` 32 the difference between X and Y lies in ``` 雅思学术性写作考试中Task 1 考查考生解释,说明信息的能力,这些信息通常体现在图解,表格和插图中,这一部分的模式化程度更高一些。下类50个句式是雅思留学类考生需要背诵的最最基础的句子。


1. the table illustrates the changes in the number of。over the period from。

to。 该表格描述了在。


数量的变化。 2. the bar chart illustrates that。

该柱状图展示了。 3. the graph provides some interesting data regarding。


4. the diagram shows (that)。 该图向我们展示了。

5. the pie graph depicts (that)。. 该圆形图揭示了。

6.this is a cure graph which describes the trend of。 这个曲线图描述了。

的趋势。 7. the figures/statistics show (that)。

数据(字)表明。 8. the tree diagram reveals how。

该树型图向我们揭示了如何。 9. the data/statistics show (that)。

该数据(字)可以这样理解。 10. the data/statistics/figures lead us to the conclusion that。

这些数据资料令我们得出结论。 11. as is shown/demonstrated/exhibited in the diagram/graph/chart/table。

如图所示。 12. according to the chart/figures。

根据这些表(数字)。 13. as is shown in the table。

如表格所示。 14. as can be seen from the diagram, great changes have taken place in。


15. from the table/chart/diagram/figure, we can see clearly that。or it is clear/apparent from the chart that。

从图表我们可以很清楚(明显)看到。 16. this is a graph which illustrates。

这个图表向我们展示了。 17. this table shows the changing proportion of a & b from。

to。 该表格描述了。


18. the graph, presented in a pie chart, shows the general trend in。 该图以圆形图形式描述了。

总的趋势。 19. this is a column chart showing。

这是个柱型图,描述了。 20. as can be seen from the graph, the two curves show the。


The production and transportation of food has been greatly changed by modern technology. To what extent do you think this is a positive or a negative development? It is undeniable that the advancement of modern technology has given rise to countless changes of the production and transportation of food. While a host of people argue that the modern industrialization of food supply owes an explanation to the consumers of the products which have caused numerous controversies over the reliability and negative effects they may have on their consumers, I feel much obliged to be supportive as well as critical of such plausible but emotional perspective. Food industry has never seen such a boost in producing and transporting of food with advanced technologies. However, even if technologies are seen neutral, the compromises they have been made to meet the demands of business or more precisely the maximization of profits have been extremely detrimental to the reputation of the specific technologies being used. For instance, the junk food they provide in KFC, specifically the Nuggets. You don't even know which part of the chicken you are eating, for the machines have made it impossible for us mere mortals to distinguish the ingredients from the shape and smell of the product. More significantly, the way it is made, transported and served is highly industrialized and standardized, that is to say, this kind of food is rather a product of the pursuit of profits than a nutritious meal intended for keeping people healthy and happy. The people who insist that the manufacturers of the products should take the full responsibility of the problems have unfortunately neglected the positive aspect of the modern production and transportation of food and other factors like lack of exercising which may well contribute to their conditions. The efficiency of reallocating resources against its scarcity to the demands of humans as a whole has always been an unassailable reply to the questioning of modern capitalism and industrialization. And admittedly healthiness is not solely connected to the intake of food. One's exercising plan may carry more weight than his or her diet.Based on the elaboration of the argument, a conclusion can be easily made that food changes are less favorable when we compared with traditional diets, whereas they could be more welcomed if we be wiser when we start to appreciate the value of economic efficiency and balance our diets with regular workouts.。


你好,我是世纪雅思学生,我问我们老师,一下是我的老师给回答的:In present-day society, plastic containers and utensils are extensively used in big cities and the countryside alike. They are so common-place and I would hazard the guess that each one of us has seen, at one time or another, the unsightly scene of plastic bags swirling in the wind. These plastic shopping bags, chopsticks, to-go boxes and mineral-water bottles, to name but a few, when not properly disposed of, create a colossal amount of non-biodegradable refuse. Therefore, some people argue that we have embarked upon a “throw-away” era when plastic rubbish is largely dumped indiscriminately and irresponsibly (this act is often labeled “white pollution” on account of the color of plastic wastes). Personally, I wholeheartedly support their view. There are numerous reasons for this worrisome phenomenon coming into being. To begin with, at present the bulk of people who shop and/or eat out regularly are still poorly-informed, uninformed or misinformed about the pernicious influence that non-biodegradable pollutants exert on the ecosystem, which is the main culprit in the global-scale mishandling of the plastic wastes. The chief component of such trash is polythene, which cannot decompose on landfill sites over the process of the next hundreds of years if no major scientific breakthrough comes along in polythene treatment. Thus, such trash must be dealt with collectively rather than be scattered like tumbleweeds. Secondly, the proliferation of plastic shopping bags and eating ware is largely fuelled by the surging, headlong consumerism. Plastic containers and utensils are lighter in weight, cheaper (often free of charge) in price and water-proof in performance. These superior properties make them preferable to their paper and cloth counterparts in customers' eyes; and as consumer satisfaction reigns supreme in contemporary society, compared with superb portability, affordability and utility, how to dispose of them is the last thing the customers are concerned about. Additionally, plastic bags, wrap and containers are also commercially feasible since they are cheaper to manufacture, ship and store. These mercenary considerations also have prompted the good old cloth or paper bags to be supplanted by plastic bags but over the phasing-out process, few stores and restaurants advocate or encourage the use of environmentally-benign disposal of plastic trash, hence the whole slew of non-biodegradable garbage and environmental hazards ensue. Given the scale and severity of “white pollution”, we must take immediate steps to address this scourge. In the first place, we must do our utmost to enhance people's awareness of how persistent and devastating non-biodegradable trash can be to our environment and our posterity's. Secondly, retail stores and dining establishments should spare no effort in encouraging their customers to reuse plastic packing items. Furthermore, indiscriminate and irresponsible dumping of household garbage or personal junk should be outlawed by the legislature and heavy fines or even jail terms must be imposed on those compulsive litterbugs who fail to get their act together. Then, on the part of the biochemical researchers and technologists, scientific research must be launched here and now in pursuit of effectual ways to convert non-biodegradable refuse to biodegradable refuse. Last but not least, the government must not shirk its obligations in mobilizing scientific resources and rallying popular support in the crusade against “white pollution”. Neither should pay just lip service to relevant research and campaigns if no enough funding can be obtained otherwise. Additionally, I am convinced a customer tax levied by the government on the use of plastic bags will also help to curb this massive “white pollution”. The havoc non-biodegradable refuse can wreak on the ecosystem is beyond our imagination. It can eventually devastate soil, water and the aquatic and terrestrial biota. We must start combating this environmental catastrophe before the ecosystem irretrievably breaks down under the reign of the minute plastic debris. 要是还有需要,请和我们世纪雅思的老师沟通吧~~。




比如,常用的让步状语从句连接词although,我们就可以替换成in spite of the fact that,一下子就从1个词变成了6个词,此替换除了“长相不同”,用法是一样的,都表示“虽然”。

e.g.The senior always enjoy walking even though the weather is rough.就可以完全替换成The senior always enjoy walking in spite of the fact that the weather is rough. 译为:尽管天气恶劣,老年人却都很喜欢散步。

又如,目的状语从句的连接词so that,我们也可以替换成for the purpose that,直接达到字数翻倍的效果。e.g.The teacher raised his voice for the purpose that the students in the back could hear more clearly. 译为:为了让后排的学生听地更清晰,老师提高了她的嗓音。

类似的还有:because = for the reason that , e.g. We cannot buy it for the reason that we do not have enough money.译为:我们不能买它因为我们钱不够。

if = on condition that ,e.g.He will sign the contract on condition that we offer more favorable terms. 译为:如果我们提出更优惠的条件,他就会在合同上签字。


比如说:In some countries around the world men and women are having children late in life. What are the reasons for this development? What are the effects on society and family life?







1 转述原文

The issue of increasingly longer life span is of much contention to the general public.

2 提出文章要探讨的内容

Therefore, this essay aims to identify the possible effects that this change has brought to both individuals and society.






1 总结文章影响

Therefore, although senior citizens might, to some extent, deprive the younger generation of their job opportunities, they tend to enlighten the whole society with their experience and care.

2 提出建议(主要针对年轻人)

Therefore, the youth are suggested to confront this situation. If they could not be offered the opportunities, it would prove that they were not so capable as the old generation, when the only way out was to learn from old people and try to gain more experiences.



转载请注明出处文信网 » 雅思写作关于晚育范文(雅思写作大作文高分范文:晚婚晚育有什么错)




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本文主要为您介绍关于电工安全论文范文,内容包括《安全用电从我做起》的2000字论文,安全用电论文,哭求一篇3000字安全用电论文谢。这是原来我整理的,希望你可以用得上 触电 [触电急救] 2毫安以下的电流通过人体,仅产生麻感,对机体影响不大。8-